The Himalayan Region, long forgotten, is now evolving as world focus turns to resources
and economic interests in new uncharted areas.
The Himalayas are located in the Northeast portion of india,Nepal and Sikkim.   
The same characteristics of this majestic Mountain Region, that describes it's allure however,creates the remoteness of it,shutting off it's people from the villages and Hillstations that live and cultivate it's many resources, from basic utilities,education and healthcare commerce,and communication. For centuries,highly sought after commodities such as tibetan artifacts Darjeeling Sikkim and Nepal Teas,rice, exotic salts, bamboo, medicinal herbs, exotic flowers and teak along with its majestic and mysterious remoteness, have lured adventurers and explorers alike to this Mountain Shangri-La.Known for the challenge of Mount Everest, and the home of the pursuit of the spiritual the Himalayan Region has much to offer and many challengesas its people are having to grow into a global community.

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