I was born in the foothills of the Himalayas.
As a youth, I spent my time climbing its hills and mountains as my parents both with the Gurkha 5th and 8th Regiments later these two regiments beacame 58th Gurkha Regiment.my parents aslo get married.
I have a profound understanding of the area and the needs of its people, which  are deeply rooted in my heart and mind. My family has been involved in Social Work and Welfare Service since 1968, building schools, caring for the orphans, the destitute and the impoverished. Throughout the years, we worked with the people of these 
villages in the neglected remote regions of the Mountains, bringing the message for awareness, cleanliness, good health habits, and motivation to take pride in our heritage. As a young adult, opened and managed a primary school in Singtam,  Sikkim.I continued to work with young children in and outside of the school, creating and managing youth programs in the local villages. I also participated in aid and rescue efforts during natural disasters caused by flooding and landslides in the Himalayan Region. 

I realized early that my friends and family assumed me to be a leader. My approach to the role thrust upon me was to find new ideas and innovative solutions to the challenges we met there. 


H20 became our symbol. "H" for the Himalayas, the majestic mountains that rise to the heavens, and 2002 the year we took up the challenge.
Himal is a local name for mountains 
H20 our name and the symbol for water,

is the source that feeds the terraced rice fields in the Himalayas and the source of all life and renewal.
We had many ideas for programs that would help the area. But it was the children who spoke first, asking for help with their tiny school up in the remote area in a Tea Garden, that spurred us on and gave us our first challenge. Due to lack of funds it had closed, but we were able to re-open it and it became our first ekids Village School.We help by providing funds for educational programs for secondary schools in the Himalayas. The requests from the Villages and local leaders continues. With the help of the local villages, private donations and funding, H20 strives to fill all their requests. Our enthusiasm grows as we do, as we work to provide more programs and a hopeful and happy future for the people who have lived in the remoteness of the mountains as the forgotten ones for so long.

1 Deb Kenn  Professor Law at Syracuse University
2 Virginia Bonito Art Historian,
   Curator, and former Professor at Harvard University
3 Phyllis Grazine Artist Philanthrophist 

Through their support and writings  H20himal was born thank you

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