The Challenge:   Environment

* Educational support for Environmental Projects
*Introducing Green Projects
*Helping to educate Villages and Hillstations of the dangers of allowing waste products to pollute fresh down water stream systems.
*Providing fuel for cooking
*Lack of available energy sources

Answer the Challenge:

To create and provide Community based classes instructing and informing the villages about healthy usage of water and proper ways for the disposal of waste. Develop projects and programs for energy, water, and environmental sustainability.

The Challenge: Health Education:

*Health Education for the Remote High Elevation Communities
*Basic Health Care for Children in the Remote Mountain Communities
*Emergency and Disaster Relief
*Health Care Communications Network for the remote Villages
*Transportation for Emergency cases and Hospital care

Answer the Challenge

H20 has trained personnel that can reach the Mountain Communities. Classes will be created to inform and provide basic health and disease prevention education to local leaders and Villages. Our health care educators will also collect data and feed-back from the communities about their health care concerns and aid in disaster relief and health emergencies. Provide emergency vehicles that can handle the rough mountain terrain.

The Challenge: Preservation:

*Preservation and Restoration of Traditional Arts, Architecture and Historical sites

*Preservation of Forests, Flora, and Fauna
*Preservation of Endangered Specie

Answer the Challenge:

We must work rapidly to contain the destruction of these precious commodities. H20 will provide resources, expertise, and tools for forest conservation, and replenishment and conservation of wildlife.
Instruction on the preservation and restoration of historical sites programs we will put into place.

The Challenge: Schools

*Provide Primary Education for the Children of the remote mountain Villages and Hillstations 
*Aid established Secondary and Primary Schools that face closing

Answer the Challenge:

ekids Village was created as one of our programs to build Primary Schools with a five year self-sustaining program, and support established schools and school programs for secondary schools, as well as funding and supporting teacher training courses for accredited teachers.

The Challenge: *Sustainable Economy
*Lack of available jobs
*Job training
*Lack of small businesses and alternative forms of creating capital, other than agriculture
*Creative enterprise, and Economic growth for the remote mountain regions in the Villages and Hillstations.
*Encouraging the youth of the Villages to remain, give back to the community, and help their Villages to grow and flourish.

Answer the Challenge:

One of the programs H20 is focused on in the next 2-5 years, is the development of Micro-Enterprise, Skilsl Training and Educational Programs in the remote regions. We have the resources and trained people.
We need funding in order to continue to initiate these programs.

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