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The public schools that exist in the Himalayan region as a result of their geography, (a vast mountainous terrain) poverty, obfuscation of their local tradition and inability to root out prejudice inherent in cast systems, remains inadequate to cope with the problems of daily life, and with the world community.

ekids Village is building schools and supporting existing schools so they can remain open. In addition, we are partnering with Children's Faith Home in Kalimpong, India, a NGO community service organization, to train teachers and support educational programs in the Secondary Schools. We need donations to help keep our educational programs running.

Health Care Awareness

There has been a wonderful response from medical professionals to a need for nutritional education, and infectious disease prevention, in the remote Himalayan Regions.

 We found that we could organize groups of people in the healthcare professions to volunteer to travel to the Himalayas, and help in these healthcare education programs.

We have facilities, equipment, home stay houses, and cooperation from local community leaders and doctors.

 We are working on a trip that will bring a group of healthcare professionals to the Himalayan Villages within 2016-217. We need funding for travel and food.

Conservation, Restoration and 

The Himalayan Region is one of breathtaking beauty and rich natural resources, wildlife and rare species of flora. Many of these are now endangered and threatened with extinction through misuse and abuse of industry outside and inside the local communities, and poorly planned community growth.

We must work rapidly to contain the destruction of these precious commodities. H20 will provide resources, expertise, and tools for forest conservation, and replenishment and conservation of wild life and indigenous flora. We need funding to provide money toward this goal.


This year, we are starting a fund to help the Sikkim government save the endangered Red Panda.


Micro Enterprise

One of the programs H20 is focused on in the next two to five years, is the development of Micro-Enterprise in the remote Regions, recognizing the rapid growth of industry.

We have the resources and trained people. We have initiated a program that provides small loans to women to jump start their businesses. The loans will be paid back in contributions to their schools, education, and improvements to their villages.

This is a great program for funding from major corporations and individuals with expertise and interests in these areas.


Water and Energy

The needs of the Himalayan Region, is consistent with their remoteness, creating unique challenges with accessibility and difficult terrain. They lack electricity and access to clean water. Efforts to provide aid in the face of natural disasters are thwarted by the remoteness of the villages and communities, which have little or no public utilities or decent roads for access. Our goal is to find water and energy resources, and provide assistance in building alternative energy equipment. Our Water and Energy Research programs concentrates on Conservation and Restoration of Natural resources as an integral concern in instruction and management of both areas. We need volunteers with expertise in these areas and funding for research, equipment and travel for engineers.

Arts and Crafts

The preservation of traditional architecture, and arts and crafts are an important link to the heritage and history of a people.

it is being lost in the villages and communities in their struggle for survival and desire to be a part of a contemporary world, which is rapidly changing. The Arts and Crafts program will provide classes in the methods and materials used in the tradition of the regions architecture, arts and crafts, and launch a preservation program to save and restore works of art and architecture, which are historically and artistically important.

We need volunteers and funding for travel, research and materials.


Throughout the Himalayan Villages, local ancient traditional arts and crafts are still being produced.

It is the intention of H20himal2002 to encourage and fund the continuance of these rare and unique talents, providing funds for tools and education of the youth of the villages in their traditional arts and languages. 

Listed are just a few of the products they make and produce:


Hand Crafts reflecting local legends/ Bamboo Products/ Handmade Sikkimese and Bhutanese Carpets/ Darjeeling Tea

The People and the Resources

The people of the Himalayas represent a rich mingling of tribes and religious beliefs and tradition. Steeped and molded by the mountainous terrain and unique weather patterns that create an almost sub-tropical environment. Luxurious flora and exotic wildlife abide, along with unique agricultural resources providing teak, bamboo, orchids, and world famous teas.

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